Think tank Political Studies for Change (KPRU) has urged police to take swift action on incidents of political violence instead of discussing the use of the Securities Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012.

NONE“The police have given their assurance that Sosma will not be abused but the question remains as what police are doing to quell the political violence that have been simmering in the days running up to 13th general election…

“Particularly on what Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat candidate Nurul Izzah (Anwar) has alleged and what was seen in Terengganu,” KPRU said in a press statement today.

Nurul Izzah said last night that seven police reports have been so far lodged on attacks on her party campaign workers in Lembah Pantai and she pleaded with the police to take action.

Yesterday, a PKR member in Terengganu was slashed after a dispute over political party flags.

“Malaysians not only need the assurance that Sosma will not be abused but also assurance and proof that the police are doing all they can to combat political violence in the weeks running up to the election day, particularly during the one month transition post-election day,” KPRU said.

The think tank added that despite the assurances of no abuse, the police should still rethink the use of Sosma as it does not reflect the principles of democracy, nor should it be used during a democratic process in times of peace.

“Sosma is intended to be used in matters that are a threat to parliamentary democracy.

“Considering that the definition as to what constitutes a threat to parliamentary democracy is neither clear nor succinct, it opens Sosma to the possibility of abuse,” KPRU added.


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