Selangor Pakatan Rakyat (PAKATAN) have released their state manifesto the 13th General Election (GE13). It finally sends out the wishes, suggestions and people friendly while being original and not copied from a rival election manifesto.

As a celebration to the voices of the people, one of the many highlights of the manifesto is the encouragement by Selangor PAKATAN on health and public transportation. These include providing free and user friendly public transportation including bus services in Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Klang and Kajang. Also bicycle lanes for new housing development in selected areas. Other noted upgrade is the assurance in the successful completion of the RM300 million Third Klang Bridge.

The decision to expand and create a public friendly transportation in critical towns such as Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, Klang and Kajang is a welcomed decision. These towns and cities have suffered long enough from the lack of public transportation particularly after the pleas of the public towards RapidKL have been ignored. It is a start for other towns and cities across Selangor to enjoy the same perk.

As for the bicycle lanes in new housing areas, it is also a much welcomed introduction to a smarter, sustainable and also healthier living. Malaysia has in so far been left behind in the development of smart and sustainable living. There is hoped that bicycle lanes will be expanded to other already established towns and cities within Selangor. But a for now, it is one step forward by not only Selangor PAKATAN but also the citizens of Selangor for a healthier and smarter living. Not to forget it is this effort by Selangor PAKATAN will reduce our carbon footprint in the environment which a bonus for the ensuring our children will enjoy the healthy air that we currently take for granted as well as reducing the traffic congestion in the Klang Valley.

Klang has always been the face of traffic congestion. The two bridges have in so far reached their maximum capacity thus making any trip to Klang or Pelabuhan Klang a nightmare. A project once delayed, it is now back in action. Could this bridge be the savior of Klang citizens and the end of the horrific traffic congestion in Klang? Instead of a third time’s a charm, maybe it is the fourth time that will bring good luck and good fortune to the the citizens of Klang.

Meanwhile, in terms of environment protection is the assurance to keep Selangor free of nuclear power. This may not seem pertinent in terms of economy but the assurance to protect the environment against the devastating effects of nuclear power is an assurance of greener technology as well as a safer environment for our children and their future. That alone outweighs any economical misfit.

In terms of public safety, initiating and expanding the state-funded “Community Policing” is a great way to initiate and strengthen community spirit within neighbourhoods. This provides an empowerment to the community to decide how they provide security as it is impossible for the police to patrol each and every single neighbourhood 24 hours and seven days continously. This will differ from the federal level of Community Policing as harder to be effective considering the lack of communication between the public and the federal government. If it were run by the state government there is a short bureaucracy maze to wander through by the public to get in touch with the state government. It is a beginning to a stronger relationship as well as a firmer cooperation between the public and the state government as well a the relevant authorities.

In terms of healthcare, PAKATAN in its new state manifesto shows that not only the welfare of women are deemed pertinent by PAKATAN, but also the healthcare and welfare of men are also not overlooked. Think tank Political Studies for Change (KPRU) welcomes the manifesto by PAKATAN that offers free examination of prostate and testicle cancer for men. According to statistics, prostate cancer is the 4th most common cancer among males with Indians with the highest rate, followed by the Chinese and lastly the Malays.[1]

It is hoped through this initiative the statistics will be reduced and more lives will be saved through early detection. This is also a proactive initiative to provide awareness amongst ment and the importance of early detection.

Meanwhile, although there are similarities between BN manifesto of providing funds for 150 dialysis machines in government haemodialysis centres across the country,[2] PAKATAN’s manifesto on the other hand provides set up of a RM10 million Selangor People’s Dialysis Fund for premises and RM4.5 million in treatment subsidies. Did PAKATAN up the ante? Yes. But it also can be seen as a more comprehensive assistance for those who are in need in dialysis no matter where the treatment are. This is not just exclusively for governmental centers as access to a dialysis treatment should be open to all Selangorians and not just confined to those receiving treatment at governmental centers.

PAKATAN generosity to social welfare does not end there. Differently-abled persons in Selangor will have the opportunity for more public spaces equipped with more differently-abled persons facilities as PAKATAN would ensure so. This is considering the lacking of facilities provided by the central government in the current situation. While European countries such as London have already upgraded their century old public tain stations to accommodate the differently-abled persons, it was reported that in the modern built Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) LRT Station which was already equipped lone folded stairlift was ironically disabled.[3]  That is an example of the inadequate public facilities for the differently-abled persons. This initiative set by PAKATAN is a beginning to all other towns and cities to ensure the rights of the differently-abled persons are respected and treated with dignity.

In terms of education, as federal government under BN have allocated as much as RM5 billion for Skim Prihatin Pendidikan 1Malaysia (SPP1M) to assist students in the tertiary level[4]. The Selangor state government under PAKATAN have taken to task launching a Menteri Besar Scholarship for postgraduate student with a state government bond, to form a Selangor Brain Bank.

How does this differ to BN’s education manifesto? Well, for one, it forms a brain bank to ensure there are no brain drain in Selangor. It provides the cream of the crop comes back to Selangor and serve the Selangor state and its citizens. The other difference is that it lightens the load of the federal government as Selangorians will be taken care off in terms of furthering their tertiary students by the state government. Also to be noted is that there are no limitations to the courses that can be taken with the Selangor scholarship as opposed to the SPP1M which is only provided for certain special courses and in which it is not a loan unlike the SPP1M which is a study loan hence increasing the loan burden of a tertiary student.

As for the cultural development of Selangor, the Selangor state government in its manifesto will construct three Cultural Centres in Klang for the Malay, Indian and Chinese communities along the Klang River with state and private funding. Klang as known by Klangrians as a melting pot of both foreign and locals. The construction of these Cultural Centres will further celebrate the cultural differences of Malaysia and provide more colour and life into Klang, turning it into a cultural city. A city worthy of Malacca’s reputation as a cultural city. This is turn would invite the tourists into Klang and thus enriching the city with fanciful aromas and colour and history as the Istana Shah Alam is also located in the city of Klang. In other words, the construction of teh Cultural Centres would increase the tourism revenue of Selangor and adding surpluses into the accounts of the state government.

The successful and highly regards Selangor Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency (SELCAT) will be continued in the new term furthering the transparency goal of the state government and increasing the trust between the public and the state government. This is as opposed to the federal government in which the civil servants are not required to declare their assets.

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[3] The Star, Poor Accessibility For Disabled Deters Tourists, 3 Disember 2012,

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