Think tank Political Studies for Change (KPRU) denounces the recent political violence that occurred in Pulau Pinang using a bomb. It is a cowardly act carried with the intention to cause provocation and building a climate of fear in this run up to the 13th General Election (GE13).

The recent act of political violence in Pulau Pinang that has shocked Malaysians must be put to an end immediately. The political violence that occurred at the Operational Post belonging to Barisan Nasional (BN) in Penang and another bomb that that was found in a trash can not far are unfortunately not the first time such political violence have occurred in this run up to the GE13.

This kind of incidences have long started last year when a supporter acted violently when attacking several members of the public in a political speech of ABU (Asal Bukan Umno – As Long As It’s Not UMNO) – Hindraf. They used chairs as well as wooden flag poles to beat Indians that in and outside the hall. The incident caused a supporter of the PAS Supporters Club, Krishnan to sustain severe injuries when attacked by and Umno member and was transported to Specialist Hospital Pakar Sri Sentosa to receive treatment.

Other cases involving political violence also occurred in Lembah Pantai when it was reported that Lembah Pantai became a place where political violence spiked. At first it was only eggs thrown at the office of Nurul Izzah, candidate for Parliamentary seat in Lembah Pantai. This year, her election volunteers became victims when they were threatened with cleavers and threatened with vulgar words. Now, bombs are being used.

KPRU urges the police to take immediate action on those responsible for this hideous act. Without a doubt, as closer we get to GE13, more violent this political violence will be, particularly during the political speeches. According to the statistics of the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP), the police have received 632 reports during nomination day until today with a total of 22 arrests, which accounted for only 3.4 percent of the arrests. KPRU also questions what are the actions taken by the police to stop or combat incidences like this?

Last year, political violence occurred in political speeches of the opposition. This year, it has spread into Barisan Nasional. KPRU urges the police take action before it is all too late. It is clear as this cowardly act is not what we want for during this GE13 process. KPRU also invites all sides to come back to the peaceful and calm election road. Let us all head into GE13 with a mature attitude and a rational mind.



Table 1: Chronology of Violent Incidences (Jan 2012- April 2013)

Date Event/ Place Incident

13 April 2013

Sri Pahang Apartments A KEADILAN volunteer was putting up flags at Sri Pahang Apartments at 5.30pm when he was threatened by gangsters using cleavers.

11 April 2013


Felda Neram 1, Kemaman, Terengganu A PAKATAN volunteer aged 40 years old, Asri Hassan was attacked by gangsters with cleavers and wooden flag poles when he was hanging up party flags, causing severe injuries. He was taken to a hospital and given 30 stitches.
4 April 2013


Johor Bharu/ PAKATAN Speech A group of individual with BN and UMNO flags created a stir at a PAKATAN speech. The played music at loudest volume and hired a singer to sing causing PAKATAN leaders to be nearly attacked during their arrival.

29 March 2013

Seri Pantai An election volunteer was attacked while working at the Seri Pantai Secondary School. He was grievously hurt and was taken to a hospital. He was treated with 5 stitches to the head.

28 March 2013


Batu Pahat A 17 year old youth was seen shaking hands with a colleague whom was putting up KEADILAN flags on his way home after exercising. Several gang members as well as the UMNO ranch Chief, Jorak Elahi went to the youth’s home and beat him.

28 March 2013

Bangsar KEADILAN Operations Room in Bangsar was broken into, losing publicity materials such as flags to be stolen and suffering loss worth RM20,000.

28 March 2013


Taman Sri Sentosa Utara An election volunteer was in a tent when he was verbally threatened by gangsters. The tent was taken apart the next day.

26 March 2013

Kuala Selangor/ PAKATAN Speech Approximately 20 motorcycle riders gathered outside a political speech, taunting the crowd. They also showed an anti- opposition flag.

12 March 2013


Bahau/ PAKATAN Speech Approximately 200 gangsters created a stir and surrounded KEADILAN Vice President, Tian Chua. They crossed the police perimeters, threw mineral water bottles, fire crackers and etcetera, causing a supporter to suffer injuries to the side of an eye.
11 March


Tropicana, Petaling Jaya 50 individuals from 4 pro-UMNO associations demonstrated in front of KEADILAN’s headquarters by throwing eggs, stones and sticks, causing the party logo to be broken.
8 March


Bukit Katil BN supporters created trouble at a PAKATAN speech, causing at least 2 individuals to suffer from injuries. The Jelajah Merdeka Rakyat KEADILAN Bus was left dented and a broken window after being thrown rocks.
5 December


Gombak Both PKR and BN supporters were injured when a fight broke out between both parties at a PAKATAN speech attended by Anwar Ibrahim.
16 August 2012


The President of Little India Joint Action Committee S Pathavachalam said he received political death threats.
30 May


Taman Mutiara, Meru, Klang Two DAP members were attacked at Taman Mutiara, Meru, Klang and taken to the hospital with fractured bones and a broken arm.
25 May


Kuala Kangsar 11 cars parked nearby a speech attended by former Menteri Besar, Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin was thrown with red paint.
25 May 2012 Lembah Pantai Member of Parliament for Lembah Pantai, Nurul Izzah reported several eggs were thrown at the stairs leading to her office.
24 May 2012 Lembah Pantai/ PAKATAN Speech Several individuals threw rocks, eggs and water bottles to attendees causing a member of the audience injuries from a rock thrown from an unknown place. A 21 year old girl, Nurul Balqis was hit by a stone the size of a knuckle fist.
24 May 2012 Kuala Kangsar/ PAKATAN Speech 11 cars were thrown blue paint during a political talk attended by former Menteri Besar of Perak, Nizar Jamaluddin. The paint was splashed mostly at the front lights.
24 May 2012 Bangi/ Ceramah PAKATAN Approximately 30 persons provoked including throwing rocks and spewing vulgar words while Mat Sabu was giving his talk on the stage.
20 May 2012 Hi- Tea with Ambiga/Merlimau, Melaka Two members of the DAP State Legislative (DUN) became victims when a Hi-Tea with President of Bersih, Datuk S Ambiga. One of the car tyres belonging to ADUN Bandar Hilir Tey Kok Kiew was flattened and the car body was damaged from being hit.
11 May 2012 Pulau Pinang Approximately 30 persons from Perkasa held a ‘funeral’ of Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng to express their dissatisfaction towards his governance since 2008.
6 May 2012 Pahang Headquarters of KEADILAN Pahang was broken into. It’s President of Leadership Council, Datuk Fauzi Abdul Rahman said the intruder did not intend to steal any files but instead the computer was almost destroyed.
2 May 2012 Sending memorandum to Prime Minister/Putrajaya Three KEADILAN members, K. Gunasekaran, S. Murali dan Gobalakrishnan were hurt from an attack allegedly lead by MIC Youth Chief, T. Mohan when they were handing a memorandum to the Prime Minister in Putrajaya on matters relating on issuance if identification cards to Indians in Malaysia.
19 April 2012 Abolish PTPTM Demonstration/ Dataran Mederka A group of 40 to 80 gangsters became rude when they attacked the university students camps in Dataran Merderka around 2.30 am. The wore black and invaded the camps, hit the students and the public that was supporting the demonstration were also attacked, particularly those with cameras and video cameras.
3 April 2012 Lembah Pantai/ Scuffle at Kampung Kerinchi Flats A peaceful protest involving 433 former residents of the Kerinchi Flats became messy when several residents refused to vacate their homes. The mess also saw the controversial Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Adam Adli punched in the face.
26 March 2012 In conjunction with the Four-Year Celebration Governing Pakatan Rakyat Selangor/ Stadium Kuala Selangor Around 20 gangsters on their bikes gathered at the stadium and provoked the attendees, including throwing objects such as rocks and water bottles into the stadium
26 February 2012 Felda Lepar Hilir, Gambang, Pahang/ PAKATAN Speech An UMNO gangster showed his fists inches from Nurul Izzah’s face when he was stopped by Pakatan supporters.
26 February 2012 Pulau Pinang/ Green Rally A group of UMNO gangsters climbed on the stage where the Green Rally in Pulau Pinang was held and threw vulgar words towards the Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng. The intruders caused a reporter and photographer of a Chinese daily injury from being hit by a helmet.
19 February 2012 Sembrong, Johor/ PAKATAN Speech More than 100 people, mostly teenagers, caused ruckus when interfering with a talk by DSAI. They threw fire crackers, eggs, bottles and wood as well as vulgar words when DSAI was giving his speech. The group also brought UMNO flags and broke the car window belonging to DSAI and acted violently kicking the car until it dented.
13 February 2012 Alor Gajah/ PAKATAN Speech Around 20 to 30 gangsters of motorbikes as well in cars interrupted the talk. Even before the event started, they slapped a KEADILAN supporter’s face that tried to put a party flag as preparations.
12 February 2012 Klang/ Academic Freedom A talk on academic freedom had to be cancelled after a group of teenagers interrupted the talk and surrounded the talk before it began.
21 January 2012 Shah Alam/ ABU speech UMNO supporters believed to have acted violently when attacking the public during a ABU speech. They used chairs and the wooden flag poles to hit the Indians that attended the talk. The incident also caused one of the PAS Supporter Cluc, Krishnan to suffer injuries. He was taken to the Specialist Hospital Sri Sentosa to receive treatment.

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