Think tank Political Studies for change (KPRU) views that the change in administrating government will not bring the destruction to this country as alleged by certain quarters.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak laid an opinion saying that Pakatan Rakyat (PAKATAN) will bring Malaysia to the brink of destruction. Meanwhile, Prof Datuk Dr. Sidek Baba said that PAKATAN whom is veraciously spreading lies and slander against the leaders of this country will never build a stable country if they were to win the 13th General Election.

KPRU will consider the examples of several countries to forward a hypothesis that the change in government will not bring any form of destruction to Malaysia.

The internal struggle within the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in Japan in 2007 saw the change of the Japanese government in 2009 where the Japanese LDP government was taken over by the Japanese Democractic Party. In 2012, the LDP won back the change election and regained back the Japanese government.

In the United Kingdom (UK), the country is well known for frequently changing their government. In 1983, the Conservative party was the UK government. They were the British government in the 1987 elections and the 1992 elections. In 1997, the British government was under the reign of the Labour Party. The Labour Party won the elections until 2005. In 2010, the election was won by the Conservative paty.

Even in the United States of America (USA), the notion of the changing the government is a normal practice. Former President Bill Clinton was a Democrat, former President George W.Bush was a Republican and the current American President, Barack Obama is a Democrat.

Even in Australia saw the frequent change in the government. The general elections in 1984 to 1996 saw the Australian Labour Party taking the helm as the Australian government. In the general elections from 1998 to 2007, the government was taken over by the Liberal Party. And in the 2010 general election, Australians saw the Australian Labour Party retaking back the government.

As proven by the said developed countries, the change in government is one of the basic fundamental of a democratic country. As a democratic country, the abovementioned countries have proven that the change in governments will not bring forth any sort of destruction to the country that changes it. Another similarity between Japan, UK, the USA and Australia is that all four countries are first world countries with advanced economies.

Japan is known for their advanced technological development. Even though they experience changes in the government, it does neither affect nor jeopardize the scientific and technological development, as well as their economy nor the internal security of Japan.

The UK and USA are known as major economic players in the world. The US has the reputation as being one of the countries with the strongest military capability. UK is known as the advanced welfare state. As for Australia, they are one of the most developed nations in the Asia Pacific region.

Hence for a country that dreams of changing from the status of a third world country to a first world nation, the obstacles to the changing of the government is one of the main barriers to the Malaysian dream. When Najib and Sidek Baba have indirectly noted that the change in the Malaysian government is not a good step for this country, they are in fact talking on their sole behalf. They do not represent the voice and opinions of the Malaysian people.

The change in the government provides the opportunity for the people to ensure that the administrative government is being transparent as the administrative government that failes to adhere to the voices of the people, they will be changed in the next elections. Developed nations such as the UK, US, Japan and Australia shows that the change of government is a normal practice, a practice required to ensure that government is open and transparent.

Even the PAKATAN manifesto itself does not provide any promise or indicate any intention to cause any harm to the country. PAKATAN themselves have promised the change of government will be done peacefully. The statements by Najib and Sidek Baba were not only made in mala fide, it was also a form of sedition. Do Najib and Sidek Baba realize that their statements are seditious in nature? Their statements were made with full intent to raise the feeling of fear and prejudice between the people and PAKATAN.

It also reflected the views of individuals that marinate themselves with unfounded paranoia. They intended to intimidate people against PAKATAN even when PAKATAN have never expressed any intention to bring any harm to this country.

Hence, the action by Najib and Sidek Baba, particularly Najib who is a Prime Minister, a statesmen and a representative of the people have been spreading slander, incitement and deception to confuse and scare the people and the voters in the country from carrying out their duties and discharging their intention to change the government.

This is because for a Prime Minister to state such a statement that reeks of slander and sedition just to win votes and ensure his political and personal interest is not affected reflects an individual that is not a statesman. It reflects a person that does respect the basic principles of a democratic country.

The onus is on Najib to prove to the people and the world that Malaysia is a democractic country by allowing the transition of a new government. The failure of Najib to allow such transition signals that Malaysia is heading into an autocratic country and practices extreme politics.

Hence, it is the refusal of Najib to accept the importance of changing the government that will negatively affect the economy and the future of the country. More than 1 million Malaysians have migrated to other countries as they are dissatisfied with the BN government. The act of Najib of obstructing the changing of the government will encourage more Malaysians to migrate to other countries and in turn negatively affect the trust of investors in an administration that rejects the basic principles of democracy of changing a government.

Hence, KPRU criticizes the act of Najib spreading slander and incitement concerning PAKATAN and the question of changing a government. KPRU urges the changing of the Malaysian government to be executed and let it be executed in peace.

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