Regarding the recent controversy over the demarcation of constituency that would be soon conducted by the Election Commission, think tank Political Studies for Change (KPRU) opines that a specially designated Boundary Commission should be established to charge with the task of redistricting, rather than managing single-handedly by the EC. In fact, research done by KPRU has found that a substantial majority of countries that delimit electoral constituencies employ a specially designated Boundary Commission to draw these boundaries.

Countries such as United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, India and so forth are employing an independent and non-partisan Boundary Commission to review and redelineate electoral districts fairly and efficiently, in applying the principle of “one person, one vote” to determine the ideal population for each electoral district. New Zealand, in particular, has seven-member Representation Commission incorporates electoral officers and the Surveyor-General to serve on boundary commissions. Most importantly, New Zealand’s politicians have a very limited role in the redistribution process as the membership on the Representation Commission is dominated numerically by non-political appointees.

According to the Article 113(2) of the Federal Constitution, the EC shall review the electoral constituencies and recommend changes wherever deem to be necessary. Nevertheless, considering the massive frauds in the recently-concluded GE-13, which perpetrated by the ruling regime and harboured by the EC, there is no light showing that the electoral constituencies redelineation would be done in a transparent manner by the EC.

Hence, in KPRU’s point of view, EC is no longer eligible to carry out electoral constituencies redelineation. Segregation of duties is needed and the EC should instead focusing on the implementation of a clean, free and fair election at both federal and state levels. Meanwhile, the delimitation of electoral constituencies should be a duty handled to a newly independent and non-partisan boundary commission.

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