Recently, the brazen assassinations with the use of firearms have heightened alarm over the law and order of our nation. Over the years, the safety of society is always the core issue. Robbery, kidnapping, theft, snatching and so forth are certainly not uncommon news that get published on mainstream media almost everyday. However, the widespread of gun violence is not merely a security issue. In fact, think-tank Political Studies for Change (KPRU) argues that such cases are the result of defects or demerits that have entrenched in the process of law enforcement and the judicial process for decades in this country.

Besides that, considering Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s statement that government will use the existing legal framework such as the ‘Prevention of Crime Act 1959’ to fight major crimes, including crimes which involving firearms, as was discussed in the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Home Minister, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid, as well as the former Chief Minister of Malacca, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam should stop pointing finger and blaming the repeal of Emergency Ordinance (EO) or Internal Security Act (ISA) for contributing to the spike in crime, or inciting to call for reviving such draconian acts. Instead, KPRU urged the relevant authorities to review and improve the shortcomings and weaknesses of law enforcement, which including the process of investigations, evidence collection, prosecution and judicial proceedings.

KPRU has compiled the latest incidents or gun violence (see the table of KPRU below) and found that a total of 31 cases of assault or murder involving firearms have happened in just four months’ time from April to July of 2013. A total of 43 people were victimized, wherein 23 were shot dead while 20 were injured. Furthermore, Penang Institute’s study showed that the gun deaths in the first four months of 2013 alone are far more than in 2012. There are 38 cases in total, on average two cases per week. Therefore, based on the two studies by KPRU (April-July) and Penang Institute (Jan to April), it is clear that the gunshot cases happened consistently during the first seven months this year, on average two cases per week. These high numbers of firearms murders immediately trigger the anxiety and fear in the community.

Nonetheless, we should bear in mind that these cases were premeditated firearms murders, unlike the gun violence in US. The killers first trail the intended victim and when the timing is right, the killers then approach the victim and execute at close range. Thus, the modus operandi (MO) of such crimes is indeed highly organized and motivated by personal issues. Moreover, it can be said that almost all of the cases involving the use of firearms are executed by the hit-man. Also, the seemingly easy occurrence of these crimes is attributed to the availability of firearms on the black market. In all, the discussion on rising crime would eventually sway the issue back to weakness of law enforcement and jucidial proceedings.


KPRU: Gunshot cases in Malaysia (April – July)


Number Date & Time Location Number of victim (s) Details
1 31/7/13 10.00am Parit Buntar Total one and was killed A factory van driver, N. Jeevandran, 26 who was leaving his house for work was gunned down at Taman Seri Semarak. He died on the spot after he was shot in the abdomen and right hip.[1],[2]
2 29/7/13 8.30pm Jalan Mengkuang, Bukit Mertajam Total one and was hospitalized A motorist, Santhanasamy, 30, was left injured following another gangland-style murder attempt in Penang. The victim was alone when two men on a motorcycle shot at him.[3],[4]
3 29/7/132pm Lorong Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur Total two, one was killed and another was hospitalized Arab Malaysian Banking Group founder Hussain Ahmad Najadi, 75 was shot dead while his wife, 49 year old was seriously injured. A gunman who crept from behind, fired randomly at the victims at close range.[5],[6]
4 29/7/1310.15pm Lebuh 5, Kampung Simee, Ipoh Total three, one was killed and two were hospitalized A man Jasrafveenderjeet Singh, 25  was shot dead and his two friends that aged 55 and 28  seriously injured when two gunmen opened fire from inside a car in front of a restaurant. The other 2 victims were hospitalized in Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun (HRPB). [7],[8]
5 27/7/134.30pm Taman Cempaka, Jempol Total one and was hospitalized Crime watchdog MyWatch chairman R Sri Sanjeevan was shot repeatedly by two men on a motorcycle and is in stable but critical condition. He had wound down his window when a motorcycle pulled up alongside and fired at him. He was initially rushed to the Jempol Hospital, but later underwent surgery at the Kuala Pilah Hospital.[9],[10]
6 26/7/13 3.30pm Felda Jenderak, Kuala Krau, Temerloh Total one and was hospitalized A lorry driver was shotted on his way to Jerantut from Temerloh. His arm  was injured and was send to Hospital Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah (Hoshas) for treatment.[11]
7 24/7/13 2.30pm Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lambak, Kluang Total one and was hospitalized A 46 year old man was injured by gunshot in the recreation park’s car park after jogging. He was hospitalized in Hospital Enche’ Besar Hajjah Kalsom, Kluang. [12]
8 19/7/13 2.30am Jalan Gula, Simpang Empat, Semanggol Total one and was killed Police found the body of a man with gunshot wounds in the head slumped in the back seat of a car. Two 9mm pistol bullet casings were recovered from the back seat of the vehicle which had the Penang registration number of a car reported stolen in Puchong, Selangor on last year.[13],[14]
9 18/7/13 12.20pm Keladi, Kulim Total one  and was killed A teacher K. Shanmugam, 45, was shot dead when he stopped his car at a traffic light junction in Keladi here. It is learnt that a pillion rider on a motorcycle fired at Shanmugam who was alone in the car.[15],[16]
10 15/7/13 8.30pm Taman Sejahtera, Kampar Total two and were hospitalized A 51-year-old man and his 13-year-old son suffered injuries after a robber fired a single shot during a robbery at Taman Sejahtera. Zahari Din suffered injuries to his abdomen after one of the robber who stormed into his house fired a shot during a scuffle.The bullet which penetrated the victim’s abdomen then hit his son, Zaharith Aiman Mahami nearby, injuring his right thigh.[17],[18]
11 12/7/13 10.45pm Bukit Jambul, Pulau Pinang Total one and was hospitalized A child aged 4 was shooted when he was accompanied his dad that visited a friend in a condominium near Bukit Jambul. The bullet penetrated the victim’s leg and he was hospitalized in a private hospital in Bayan Baru.[19]
12 8/7/131.40pm Tawang, Bachok Total one and was killed A student affairs senior assistant, Hashim Mat Zain, 43 from SK Beris Panchor was gunned down in a gangland-style killing while he was leaving his school. was found dead with three gunshot wounds by villagers after his C-Class Mercedes- Benz crashed into the front steps of a house.[20],[21]
13 4/7/13 10.30pm Jalan Relau, Pulau Pinang Total one and was killed K. Kuganeswaran, 30, had bought ‘thosai’ at a foodstall, two youths had confronted him over an issue before an argument broke out. At that juncture, one of the youths whipped out a pistol and fired four shots at Kuganeswaran at point-blank range, killing him on the spot. He sustained gunshots wounds in the chest, abdomen and neck.[22],[23]
14 4/7/13 12.15pm Kubang Panjang, Pasir Mas Total one and was hospitalized A 35-year old male primary school teacher in Tumpat suffered a gunshot wound in the neck. The teacher, who was from Kampung Tualang, Pasir Mas, was being treated at the Raja Perempuan Zainab II and his condition was reported to be stable.[24],[25]
15 14/6/13 2.45am Kuala Kurau bus station Total one and was hospitalized Lim Kong Hai, 52 was having drinks with his friends at a stall near the Kuala Kurau bus station. He was then suffered injuries after a robber from the group of robbers shotted on his abdomen.[26]
16 6/6/13 9.00pm Jalan Salleh, Muar Total one and was killed A ticket seller  for the Muar-Bengkalis ferry service, Tan Chai Heng, 51 was shot dead from point blank range at a children’s playground in Taman Sri Temiang.[27],[28]
17 4/6/13 8.45am Taman Kota Jaya, Taiping Total two, one was killed and another was hospitalized  A workshop owner Govindaraju @ Murthy, 36, from Semanggol died after being shot on the neck.  37-year-old tyre factory worker, A. Manivannan, was also shot on the right side of his neck and was hospitalized in Taiping Hospital. Both victims were having breakfast at the restaurant prior to the shooting incident.[29],[30]
18 12/5/13 10.00pm Bukit Tambun Total four, two were killed and another two were hospitalized Four friends had been planning a trip to Penang for a month. But S. Kannan, 37 and G. Suresh, 28, were shot dead on Sunday at a traffic light junction in Bukit TambunTheir two other friends were injured in the chest and shoulder.[31],[32]
19 11/5/13 9.50pm Jalan Datuk Bandar Tunggal, Seremban Total four, two were killed and another two were hospitalized Two men, P Chalidass, 29 dan G Surentharan, 31, were killed and two others injured when they were shot by two gunmen on a motorcycle. District police chief Assistant Commissioner said the dead were released from Machang Rehabilitation Centre in Kelantan several months ago and had criminal records[33],[34]
20 11/5/13 8.46pm Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras Total two and were hospitalized A police volunteer N. Saravanan and his friend,Tamil Selvam,were shot following a heated argument with several people. They suffered severe injuries after they were shot on their abdomens.[35],[36]
21 11/5/13 8.43pm Taman Kucai, Lunas Total one and was killed A secondhand shop assistant, Thangaraja, 31 was killed after he was shot 10 times at a traffic light junction by two gunman.[37],[38]
22 10/5/13 12.30am Taman Setia Jaya, Alor Setar Total one and was killed  A car repossessor,M. Nagenthiran, 30 was shot dead during a quarrel near his house at the Taman Setia Jaya. A gunshot wound was found in the head and two in the back of the victim.[39],[40]
23 9/5/13 7.30pm Jalan Bekok, Tangkak Total one and was killed An engineer, Muthu Pillai, 41, was found dead with three gunshot wounds in a palm oil field.[41]
24 7/5/13 11.05pm Jalan Sungai Daun, Nibong Tebal Total one and was hospitalized Tan Hock Chin, 46, who was also Nibong Tebal 1Malaysia Voluntary Patrol Squad captain, was having drinks with several friends when he was shot at close range by a man wearing a motorcycle helmet. [42],[43]
25 30/4/13 9.30pm Simpang, Taiping Total one but bullet missed One of two men on a motorcycle fired a shot at a man in the compound of his house in Simpang, but the bullet missed the victim. Police have not ruled out the possibility that the incident was related to secret society activity.[44],[45]
26 26/4/13 11.30am Bulatan Taman Billion, Cheras Total two, one was killed and the other was hospitalized A man R. Karikaalan, 29,was accompanying his mother to his house in Taman Puchong Hartamas was shot dead by a gunman. His mother, 60 was shot in the right hand in the incident.[46],[47]
27 26/4/13 8.15am Putrajaya Total one and was killed Customs deputy director-general Datuk Shaharuddin Ibrahim was shot dead by an unknown assailant while in his car on his way to work in Putrajaya. Two men on a motorcycle approached the car from the left and the pillion rider fired three shots.[48],[49]
28 25/4/13 9.30am Outside JPJ office, Jalan Seremban-Tampin Total one and was killed A runner for JPJ, N. Ragunathan aged 39 years was shot dead in his car by one of the two gunman on a motorbike.[50]
29 16/4/13 9.00am Simpang, Taiping Total one and was killed K Muthazagen, 47, was killed by two gunman with a motorbike. The bullets were fired from close range to his head.[51]
30 14/4/13 6.55pm Seremban Total one and was killed A businessman, Tan Kok Soon, 56 was shot dead  in front of his  family while they were having dinner in a restaurant .[52],[53]
31 12/4/13 2.00pm Seremban Total one and was killed James John, 45, was shot dead in his car at traffic lights around Taman Sri Pumpkin by two gunman on a motorbike.[54],[55]

* Cases listed are only the minimum conservative estimation based on

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