[ Policy Matters ] – KPRU Parliamentary Policy Briefing on re-delineation exercise


Date and Venue:

31 Mac 2014 (Monday)

1.00 pm – 2.30 pm

Bilik Taklimat, Level 2, Main Block, Parliament.


Jointly organized by

1. Political Studies for Change (KPRU – Kajian Politik untuk Perubahan)

2. KEADILAN Whip Office


Presentation materials:

1. Dr Wong Chin Huat, Penang Institute & Bersih 2.0

The main file is on why seat increase undermines democracy and the prospect of regime change.
With two extra files:
1. what the EC does in malapportionment and gerrymandering
2. how to fight the EC in redelineation the DART way?


2. Mr PY Wong, Tindak

KPRU Parliamentary Policy Briefing_One Person One Vote


Thank you.



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