Institut Kajian Politik untuk Perubahan (KPRU – Institute of Political Studies for Change,政改研究所) is a critical research institute, as well as a parliamentary think tank setup after March 8 political tsunami, which is dedicated to participate in the research and dialogues to shape the future of Malaysia.

KPRU focuses on political economy and strategic research that is based on strong evidence and will give long-term impacts to the society. By incorporating fresh ideas and engaging various stakeholders, KPRU’s research will draw new thinking and fresh suggestions to address national challenges for the coming decades.

KPRU has also been a pioneer think-tank to participate in parliamentary research and to advocate for parliamentary reforms. The institute’s concern areas include Malaysia annual national budget, country long-term plans, parliamentary democracy, and etc. To achieve this, KPRU collaborates closely with members of parliament, government agencies, political parties, international organizations and non-governmental bodies to provide strategic consultation, targeted outreach program and fact-based policies.



Mengenali KPRU

Institut Kajian Politik untuk Perubahan (KPRU) merupakan sebuah pusat kajian yang kritikal, dan juga sebuah badan pemikir yang ditubuhkan pada era pasca 8 Mac dengan tujuan membawa idea perubahan kepada rakyat Malaysia melalui kajian dan sesi dialog.

KPRU memberikan fokus kepada kajian terhadap bidang ekonomi politik dan sektor strategik yang dapat membawa impak jangka masa panjang kepada masyarakat. Dengan penerapan idea baru dan interaksi dengan pelbagai pihak berkepentingan, kajian KPRU diyakini akan membawa pemikiran dan wacana segar untuk menghadapi cabaran negara dalam dekad yang akan datang.

KPRU merupakan badan pemikir yang melibatkan diri dalam kajian parlimen dan menyokong reformasi parlimen. KPRU mengutamakan isu belanjawan tahunan negara, rancangan jangka panjang, demokrasi parlimen dan lain-lain. Untuk mencapai matlamat tersebut, KPRU bekerjasama secara rapat dengan ahli parlimen, agensi kerajaan, parti politik, pertubuhan antarabangsa dan pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO) untuk memberikan khidmat nasihat strategik, program pengunjungan spesifik dan menghasilkan dasar yang berasaskan fakta.


4 thoughts on “About KPRU

  1. hello everybody, hopefully you all in good health, KPRU for me is a good organization and very responsible to the Malaysian people, so i wan to see KPRU can contribute to the country and made Malaysia to be good country in politics, economy and more, my support always with you, my age is 27,work as Legal Clerk and same time study in Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) out campus,or part time only, on saturday and Sunday and my field is Bachelor Degree in Public Management,includes politics, economy, human resource, government, law and more,hopefully i can work with you all when i finish my study, my campus in KL, take care,bye.

    1. Dear Mohd Idris. Do focus on your studies but you need to know what is happening around you too. You are responsibilities. Take care and good luck. – Johari Abdul

  2. I thought all those with brains have all gone to migrate elsewhere. Good to know that some of you guys are still around.

    Keep me in the loop please and I hope to be able to contribute something relevant to your scope of coverage.

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